19 April 2013

12 days and 15kg’s

Packing Wahhhhhh
Normally I love packing for holiday and start my holiday prep anywhere up to a month before I leave
however me and my mother who is also a sun worshiper like me were finding it way to cold here in the Uk
So I decided to treat her to some sun, fun and mother daughter bonding.
I found an excellent deal to go to Egypt in Thomas Cook closed my eyes and booked it
Three weeks till we are due to leave
Obviously work had to get busy and press events have been popping up left right and centre
One week before we are due to leave and I have done nothing! No prep what so ever!
Tickets arrive
15KG luggage restriction???
This is going to be fun…………NOT!
I love to have ALL of my creature comforts with me when I am travelling and during my last trip to Cancun
I had to end up leaving a lot of my clothes behind as my case was overweight
 yes the maids that cleaned the room loved me and gave me hugs for leaving them tons of bikinis and sundresses
 But I cannot go through that again.
Nor can I go through the frantic and embarrassing ordeal of having to open suitcases during check in at the airport
to move items around or take items out of the suitcase to avoid charges.
Time to get super organised.
Inspired by Martin Money savers mantra I decided to come up with one of my own
Wots Her Name Again Packing Mantra
I do not need to change three times a day
I hardly ever end up wearing heels on holiday
I hardly wear make up on holiday
You don’t really need flip flops or sandals to match every outfit
I never end up going out every night so I don’t need a dressy outfit for every evening
I don’t need to be fashion magazine fly every day of my trip
10pm on a Wednesday night with 4 days before I was due to sign out seemed like the right time.
After taking out all of my holiday bits out and placing them on the bed ready to be sorted, folded and packed
I felt like I was ready to give up chuck everything on the floor and go to sleep but eventually I managed to narrow
A heap of clothes, swimming costumes, sunglasses, flip-flops, ect down to the absolute necessary items that I will need during my trip
Weighing in at 10.8kg’s!!!!
Go me!
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