SwishRails & Cocktails

I signed up to the Swishing website a while back in the hope of attending one of their clothes-swapping events;  in order to exchange some of my rarely worn items for something I would actually use.
Unfortunately whenever there was a local event I was either too busy, tired or was unable to find any interested parties to tagalong with me (I'm a real chicken sometimes).

Well this time the Swish Rails and Cocktails event came up I was determined to attend and happy I did.

The night before I sorted washed and ironed a selection of clothes that I intended to along with me to swap (Presentation is everything right?)

According to the Swish Rails and Cocktails rules nothing in bad condition or from Primark would be accepted, so I assumed that I'd be able to grab some similar quality items in return, even if I failed to get as much back.

After work the following evening I headed down to Fox & Firkin in Lewisham South East London to meet some new people, and grab myself some pretty clothes.

Once I'd handed in my items they were rated with a points system that took into consideration the make and condition of the clothing and, once I was given my points I treated myself to a Sex in the City style cocktail (Ok it was a cup of tea) and had a catch up with my friend Sherry while we waited for the swishing to start.

Eventually the start of the swishing was announced and we were set loose on the rails of clothing, unlike many sample sales that I have attended every one stayed relatively civilised and no fights broke out.

However I barely resisted the urge to yank back some items I donated but seemed attractive to me after seeing them in the hands of someone else.

Since attending Twiggy’s Frock Exchange I've been a fan of Swishing events as they are an excellent opportunity to meet like minded people as well as pick up some great clothes and hope to attend more.

Interested in Swishing?? Check out Swishing.com for events in your area

River Island Presents ELLE Loves Event

Yesterday while in London I popped in to the River Island store to take part in River Island Presents ELLE Loves Event

Out of breath because I practically ran down Oxford Street inorder to get to the store as the event started at 5pm and avoid what I  expected to be a massive line.

I was happy not to be greeted with a long line, and a PR lady slowly checking event confirmations and names off a guest list and skicped straight in to the store

I was surprised to find that I the event was actually open to everybody which was good but kind of defeated the purpose of registering to attended the event and printing off the event confirmation.

As you had to spend over £50 to receive a goodie bag and there was a 20% discount with the event confirmation

It was a good excuse to try and inject some colour in to my work wear so proceed to search for some pieces  wear to work.

Despite having a vibrant colour pallet with really interesting patterns and textures the collection consisted mostly of casual pieces which wasn’t really appropriate for work.  And the dress that I saw on the website and mentioned in my previous blog post  was sold out in my size L

ELLE’s fashion team presented the hottest River Island looks for the season ahead with a live catwalk show and funky street dancers performed in between each looks.

There were also cocktails and free manicures ( Nail painting actually) on offer however there was only two people doing nails and the longest line ever so I didn’t bother with that.

I rushed around trying to select items to buy as the confirmation said that goodie bags were available while stocks last and I didn’t want to miss out.

I selected a faux leather flare skirt from the 90's collection

and a pair of black and gold Versace inspired leggings from the Miami collection

in plenty of time to get a goodie bag and the price was reasonable thanks to the 20% discount

A was actually kind of happy with the goodie bag which included the following:

Limited Edition of ELLE March

limited edition full-sized cherry Batiste dry shampoo (RRP £2.99)

Dermologica samples (I love Dermologica and have most of these products but this would be perfect for when I travel)

full-sized Collection 2000 Pure gloss lip-gloss in a sparkly berry colour(RRP 1.99),

jelly beans

River Island sunglasses (RRP £10).

In all I think the event was ok however if I hadnt been in the area already and had made a trip into london specificly to attend the event I would have been quite disapointed