28 November 2012

NYX Cosmetic’s Waiting for Tonight Palette review

Firstly must say that I have never really been a fan of make-up palettes

Sorry that’s just my opinion

When I was younger I had a few of the cheap ones but there was always loads of colours that I didn’t like or wouldn’t suit me so it seemed a waste of time buying them.


I was introduced to the Waiting for Tonight Palette the same time I was introduced to the Curve which is also by NYX 

but I have been holding out on this product review as I wanted to wait until I was going on my holiday to try it out.

I just realised that that plan could have gone very badly as other than Mascara, eyeliner concealer and foundatin I didnt pack any other Make up but anyways.

At first I wasn’t that interested but when I looked properly at the colour pallet I was pleasantly surprised to see that most if not all of the colours are actually wearable!

The Waiting for Tonight Palette comes complete with the following:

32 pigmented eye shadows

2 complimenting blushes

1 bronzer

4 eyebrow powders

3 concealers

4 lip glosses

For the price I have to say the quality of this product us great!
The eyeshadows, bronzers and blushes are highly pigmented so you dont need a lot of it.
I didnt really use the concealers  but they are of a decent quality
The lipglosses were fine also

I was right in my inital thoughts that Waiting forTonight Palette would be great for travelling as you only have so much space and you can great many great looks with the colours available on the palette.

It comes with mini brushes which will get the job done but I used my own brushes as I found them to be a bit fiddily.

Other than that

Absolutely LOVE IT!
The Waiting for Tonight Palette is £30 and avaliable on the NYX website

16 November 2012

Selfridges Lucky bags arrived!!!

Lucky bags have arrived!!
Oh the excitement!!
When we received the email from announcement advising the Selfridges Lucky Bags were in stock Me Flora and Maeve jumped on it as soon as we got in the office,
Deciding to place off the bags in one order to save on shipping
(Good thinking Flora)
And today they finally arrived!!!
(In all fairness it took like two day)
Check out what was in my bag
Whitening soak
Nail Art correction pen
Beauty candy
Obsessive compulsive cosmetics lip tar £15.00
Nail Art Nail Glitter –couldn’t find online
Blink Gift Card for an Eye Brow Shape worth £15.00

I also got a Lucky bag for Sherry but I have resisted the urge to have a sneek peek 
Did anyone else purchase Lucky Bags?
What did you get in yours??

November Glossybox Best Box Ever!!!

I was so excited that yesterday I promised myself that I would write the blog post as soon as I got home but I was knackered and went straight to bed but I had to nip in to my local shopping centre after work to get some last minute bits for my holiday and after that when I got home I was only good for bed!

So now I’m going to rave about the November Glossybox


Me and my two work colleagues Maeve and Flora all subscribe to the service and todays the 1st time that all our boxes came at once.

We have the three guys in our office soo well trained that even they come over to see what Glossybox surprising goodness has arrived this month.

As rushing a round I haven’t had the time to take my own pics so these have been nicked off of the Glossyboxblog.

All this week I was hoping that my Glossybox arrived before I went on holiday and there would be some travel sized goodies that I could take with me and I wasn’t disappointed.

First I will tell you about the product that I was NOT! Happy with
Wei Beauty Royal Ming Firming and Hydrating Cream
When I looked on the back it said something about for MATURE SKIN! Wasn’t impressed didn’t even look at again after reading that

(Bit sensitive since I turn 30 in a couple weeks)

Now on to what I likes:


Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant
I was actually praying for this to be in my Glossy box as I purchased a Dermalogica travel kit for oily skin to bring on my holiday which has a TINY sachet of Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant and really didn’t want to bring the full sized bottle which is worth £38 so this little bottle is perfect.


Alison Claire Mango Body Butter
This smells amazing! And is a perfect size for me to pop into my hand luggage


Burberry Body Eau de Parfum
 Not normally a fan of perfume samples but the scent is really ice and it is in a lovely bottle, another sample to pop in my hand luggage


Nails Inc Notting Hill Gate
 This sample is cute and Hot Pink… Glossybox how did you know?

In all very pleased! I was wondering when Glossybox would get some Dermalogica and I ended up getting exactly what I needed when I needed it (Dunoo if that sentence made sense but I’m sure you get what I mean)


Chao for now


14 November 2012

Mallzee's making online shopping an experience

You all will probably know that I’d
pick shopping online instead of traipsing around the stores any day!
Why fight the crowds on a Saturday afternoon or during late night shopping on a Thursday when I can do it from the comfort of my bed with a nice cup of tea
or sneakily from my desk at work with a nice cup of tea.
I admit you lose the social aspect of bringing your friends with you to give you the thumbs up and tell you look hella sexy when trying on garments in the fitting room
but that’s the price you have to pay right?
Perhaps not
New online retailer Mallzee seem to have taken all the we love about shopping into concideration and created a new unique idea to shop online.
By signing up you can create your own virtual boutique,
Once you have selected your favourite brands from the list of over 200 big names which include:
Urban Outfitters
New Look
Feel Unique
St. Tropez
Mallzee will then regularly select items with your personal taste in mind  and showcase them to you.
Giving you your own online Personal Shopper
I especially love the function which allows your friends to pop items they think you would like in your wardrobe for you to look at when your next online
And if your not sure about that body con dress you have selected then you can create an online poll and share it  with your trusted friends to get the go ahead before you buy.
If any of your friends go on to make a purchase you will get commission which you can spend on the site or donate to charity!!
Sounds too good to be true right
Well it isn’t!
Sign up now
to receive Mallzee’s prelaunch invitations and you will automatically be entered into their competition to win £100 to spend on the site once it launches!!

10 November 2012

Meet Willow

I have been eyeing up this basket shopperstyle bag by Zara and made famous by reality star and socialite  Olivia Palermo forages but was reluctant to buy it because I felt that everybody had it.

Image from nosinmivisa.com
When I started working at R&B I  attended the Spring Summer new stock conference I got to see their take onthe popular style I loved it but couldn’t bear to part with the £225.

After months of contemplation and seeing Flora rocking her willow bag to work I still had the desire to own it but still couldn’t justify spending that money.

Image from RussellandBromley.co.uk

The time came for the Autumn winter stock conference and a host of new colors to the collection and a Mini Willow! Slightly smaller than the original Willow but just as cool.

This week I thought fudge it

This can be my birthday gift to myself

Yes my Holiday to Cancun and Ipad were technically meant to be my birthday presents to myself and my birthday isn’t actually for another 3 weeks but damn it you only turn 30 once right.
Ladies and Gentlemen meet Willow
I decided to go for the chocolate brown version and I love the way the gold stamped Russell and Bromley logo contraststhe chocolate brown calf skin leather.

I also love the fact that this bag is Über roomy and has plenty of space for my I pad diary etc. and is has a handy internal pouch which is great for spare change, mobile phone, oyster card or anything I might need to retrieve quickly instead of riffling around through the many useful things I may be carrying.

Will is also available in black and a lux mock croc……



Perhaps I need to start considering what I will be buying myself for Christmas.

7 November 2012

Random ASOS Premier Rant

I had a call from a friend who wanted me to place an order on my ASOS account as she need the item quickly and she didn't want to have to pay extra for next day delivery.
As I subscribe to ASOS premier I get next day delivery for free.

I was beginning to tell my friend that that wouldn't be a problem as long as she transferred the money into my account first then I asked....you know it only cost £9.95 to sign up to ASOS Premier?

To which she said that she didn't need to subscribe to the service as she didn't use it that much!

When I heard that I thought what ever for £9.95 after you have used it a couple times it's paid for it's self

What ever girl don't subscribe but try know my unlimited next day delivery is for my own convenience.

Thanks for reading my rant

Be your own secret santa with the Beauty Workshop Lucky bag from Selfridges

Considering how excited I get about Glossyboxes I had to  rave about this.

For Christmas 2012, The Beauty Workshop at Selfridges will be launching 1000 limited edition Lucky Bags

What are Lucky Bags you ask?

Lucky bags are a lucky dip of a minimum of  five exciting make-up, hair, skin and body brands, hand-picked within The Beauty Workshop at Selfridges.

£15, the Lucky Bag is perfect Christmas gift for beauty fanatics.

Some of the bags will also contain a Beauty Workshop service gift card for the ultimate pampering experience, worth £150!

Lucky Bags will be available soon in The Beauty Workshop at Selfridges London and online.

Sign up to the Selfridges newsletter to find out when they launch
Now in stock!!
Click here to buy

4 November 2012

Holiday packing

I have written many travel tips post which I hope you guys have enjoyed reading becauseI have enjoyed writing them.
As much as I love travelling to different countries I hate the actually travelling part.
and  long haul flights are the worst.
I have the attention span of a flea, I always hate the food, I’m always cold!
and Oh yeah
And no matter how hard I try I can’t sleep on planes.
I’ve tried not sleeping the night before, and I don’t want to resort to sleeping tablets incase  something happens during  the flight and nobody can wake me.
I have found that having as much home comforts as possible will at least keep me content and stop me from annoying those around me.
For my in  tips checkout this

blog post
Some people wait until the very last minute to pack their suitcase for a holiday.
Despite relentlessteasing from my family and friends I tend to start packing anywhere from amonth to two weeks before I am due to leave depending on my work schedule.
In this instance due to a very hectic schedule at work and college I started 5 weeksbefore I was due to leave.
The first thing I do is make a table in excel specifying the amount of days I will be away and activities I have pre planned while I am there ie Quad biking, Boat partiesor club hopping tours ect
I also check the website of the resort that I am going to see if they will be having any theme nights or activities that I may what to take part in.
I then breakup my day in to evening and day time and then plan my outfits
Once I knowwhat I need I can go through what I have and select appropriate items which I add to my table and chuck in my suite case.
When I have finished this exercise I can then put together a shopping list of what I need.
When I am away I like to have my creature comforts with me so I always pack the following:
  Pillow case
I am allergic to some washingpowders but I can never remember which kind

I normally have this in my carry on any way
 perfect for afternoon naps without upsetting the bed clothes. 
Travel plug adapter +Extension wire Hotelplug sockets always seem to be in the most random of places and charging Camerachargers, Ipod chargers, mobile phone charger one by one is a LONG TING so Ihave an multi extension wire that lives in my suitcase just for travelling
I know that you get towels in the hotelroom and round the pool but I like to have one of my own and if I end up buyingto much things I just leave it at the hotel.

This little diddy is my newest find again I know that Hotels give you round the pool which you can place on the sun loungesbut after it has touched he sun lounger I am reluctant to touch my face with itand ac soon as you change the position on the sun lounger the towel just falls off L

Cup!! I got this little tip from the Canucncarewebsite. Why keep going up to the bar to refill the tiny cups they give you inresorts when you can fill up this little beauty which will keep your beverage colderfor longer, and keep it chlorine and bug free
 Pack of crackers – Because I love crackers andif I’m feeling poorly from too much drinking



2 November 2012

Holiday Haul 2 Confessions of A shopaholic edition

Rebecca, you just got a credit card bill of $900. You do not need a scarf.
Then again...
...who needs a scarf?
Wrap some old jeans around your neck, that'll keep you warm. That's what your mother would do.
You're right, she would.
The point about this scarf isthat it would become part of a definition of your...
Of your psyche.
Do you see what I mean?
No, I do. Keep talking.
It would make your eyeslook bigger 
It would make my haircut look more expensive.
You'd wear it with everything. It would be an investment. You would walk into that interview confident.
And poised.
The girl in the green scarf.
The green scarf, please.
Good choice. It's the last one.
That'll be $120.
How would you like to pay?
I remember watching this scene onConfessions of a Shopaholic and thinking that even those Rebecca’s reasoning was totally outlandish I had to admit that I have had similar conversations myself when justifying a purchase that I don’t neednecessarily need.
They say that admitting you have a problem is the 1st step right?
Hello My name is Lee-Anne and Iam a Shopaholic

All of my friends said I was crazy when I started packing for my holiday a month before I was due to travel but my logic was 

”If I don’t know what I have already how will I know what I need to purchase for my holiday”
once I was packed and had myshopping list of things I needed and an idea of my budget I felt safe to let myself loose on the stores.
I just needed a couple vest tops a Dermalogica travel set and some sunscreen, That seems simple enouth right??

Oh no

Managed to pick up the Dermalogica travel kit for oily skin no problem 

Even made it in and out of boots to get my sun tan lotion with out any impulse  buys.

Then to Primark.......
What had started out as a quicknip in to my local shopping centre to get a few bits and bobs for my holiday turned into a full on spree.
Vest tops – Tick…….. Why not just get one in every colour ….. ended up buying 20!
  10 of which in brown
(I need these to wear under my blouses for work, I get cold very quickly you know)
hold on! 

I hardly have any blouses for work ended up buying four!

I really need something in Bordeux this season.
These jeans are nice ..

may as well get a pair in Tan and Black also.

Its getting nippy out should probably get some sweaters for work, one in every colour yes please… Black, Pink, and Cream

What am I actually going to wear on the plane, Something that is not to constricting but warm ..
This peace sign sweater will do the job

Underwear two packs should do me.
Thank good it was only Primark lol
Considering I was only meant to pick up some sunscreens and about 3 vest tops
Oh yeah and I brought a book
Diary of a submissive.

Now time to re pack  

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