25 October 2012

Laura Mercier Secret Finish Primer VS NYX Shine Killer Review

After years of moaning about the inconvenience of having oily skin it was during a particularly hectic shopping trip at Selfridges when I was introduced to
Laura Mercier Secret Finish Primer
Don’t know how this wonderful product had been kept a secret from me for so long but I’m happy that I know about it now.
Laura Mercier Secret Finish is a sheepish gloss/gel (Little bit like petroleum Jelly) and can used either after you put on your moisturiser (Before applying makeup) or over your make up to absorb and oils throughout the day.
As I am a person who depending how busy I am can go through the whole day without looking in a mirror let alone touching up my makeup so was a big relief knowing that I wasn’t looking shiny and greasy.
So there I was all happy that I had found this miracle product which at £23 pounds is far from cheap but I could live with that as it did what It said on the tin.
During a chat with a PR rep in the press section at Olympia Beauty I was introduced to the
Shine Killer is a soft clear gel similar to the Laura Mercier Secret Finish except it that the Laura Mercier Secret Finish has more of a matt finish straight out the tube, but the Shine killer dries down to a matte finish after it has been applied to the skin.
Personally I am happy with both products as they basically do the same thing but NYX’s price tag of £12.00 is much more alluring to me


21 October 2012

Have you tried the Curve Liquid Eyeliner from NYX Cosmetics?

Have you ever tried a new beauty product and thought “ this is great! Why haven’t they thought of this before?”

9 October 2012

Photography and Old Skool Hip Hop

Very interesting and varied weekend which started off at the Photofair in Spitalfields market, and exhibition at Bishops gate library and an walk through brick lane  with my Photography class

And ended up at Supadupafly @ Plan B


I started taking my photography course about three weeks ago and I am really enjoying it.

The Photofair was a really good opportunity to speak to some of the artists about their work and the inspiration behind it because it was cool,

we then went into the Logography Gallery Store which is located on the corner of Spitalfields Market to see an exhibition about a graffiti artist who seemed to be inspired by some cutesy little characters. I was very intrigued by the colours used and fact that the photos which feature the graffiti artist working didn’t show his face.


From there it was off to Rich mix to check out an exhibition called Confessions

and PHOTO VOICES - Sharing lives

 I found both of these exhibitions interesting and though provoking but at this point I don’t feel confident enough to comment on them in a way that dose them justice.

During the walk between the venues I noticed a lot of the street art that I probably would have walked past on a normal day and decided to take some snaps.


Once I got home I went out with a friend to  get  a bite to eat than had to rush to get to Supadupafly @ Plan B.


I was excited to go to Supadupafly as there aren’t many night clubs that play old skool hip hop and I had just found out about this night.

Even though I decided to go at quite short notice I had an idea about the look that I wanted to go for...

Kind of a TLC
meets SWV
meets Fresh Prince of Bel Air

meets what other 90’s references that were going through my head


I had seen this Batman dress
on Cheryl Cole  and one of the girls from Little Mix
and thought it was fun but unfortunately it was sold out, off I went to good old eBay and snapped up a look alike at a fraction of the price



Now in my head if you’re going to a 90’s party you have wear Dr Martins right?

Well I didn’t have Dr Martins but I had my heeled boots that I got earlier this year and forgotten about.

Chunky socks a defiant must!

Bit of a risky outfit but I think I pulled it off


1 October 2012

Cancun Holiday EBay Haul

I also got a bit eBay happy this weekend. With my holiday coming in 55 day I am now starting to order my holiday bits and pieces. Want to see?



5ft Garment Clothes Rail - Super Heavy Duty All-Metal Black

Ok this wasn’t for my holiday but it kind of was… I needed the rail to bring to the boot sale to sell the old clothes in order to make some guilt free holiday money.




Insulated Cup w/Straw 17oz, Zebra/Pink Dot 2AC090

People thought I was nuty last time I brought one of these cups to go on holiday but it makes sense. On all-inclusive resorts yes you can have as much drinks as you like but they always come in those dinky little plastic cups with those nothing plastic straws, fly’s and wasps always end up ;landing in it or it gets kicked over.
These cups are delightfully massive and come with its own straw and screw on top so you can go in to the pool with it and no end up with a chlorine cocktail. Plus it is slightly insulated so it keeps the drinks cooler for longer.



Had some eyebrows raised at me when this was delivered at the office but I stand by mu purchase.

Yes you are given towels at the resort but you only get one!

I think this Sun lounger is dope not only because its pink, but it has pockets to for all types of stuff like books, lip-gloss change ect, It ties to the sun lounger so it won’t fall off and I will be able to spot it from a mile away in case I get a bit tipsy and can’t remember where I was sitting.


2 PCS ivory 0049 Swimsuit halter bikini set
I have wanted this bikini sooo long! Finally ordered it


Leather 360 Degree Rotating Case Cover Stand
Kind of doesn’t have anything to do with my holiday but it does… I will be bringing my I pad with me to Cancun and needed a case to keep it safe. There it is




Now seriously this has nothing to do with my holiday at all but I’m  going to a 90’s party next weekend and I wanted it.

Can’t wait for my goodies to start arriving!!

542964_Save on trips to Cancun - 300x250

Wots her name again?/Tagoes Closet boutique @ Capital Carboot

I hope that everyone had a wonderful fashionable weekend.
I was really scared the weather would let me know as I had been preparing all week for Capital Car boot and wanted to get loads of my old clothes, shoes bags ect as I starting to feel claustrophobic in my living space.
Getting ready for the bootsale
Well the weather kept to its word and it was lightly over cast but ok. And we were ready to go!
We decided that we wanted to go for a mini boot sale boutique type of feel to make it fun for the shoppers.
We brought a funky pink rug, Mannequins and picture frames to put up signs and messages.
As well as me and Sherry we were also joined by Omar and Buster who were selling men’s clothing, shoes and accessories –Oh and Buster who is a Make-up artist was selling MAKE-UP brushes!!!
I called dibs on the ones I wanted before he was even properly unpacked!
Throughout the say ladies were pushing each other out the way to get to his stuff.

I’m happy to say that we all did really well and came away with much less than we came with but my purse was very heavy J
I’m also happy to say that I didn’t go and buy a load of stuff………
Technically I traded the brushes with Buster for some kids shoes and I stole a load of scarves from Sherry ......
 She knows its ok.
I also brought this awesome coat
(Photo to come)
Look at alllll these moneysssss
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