Olympia Beauty and London Fashion Weekend

I’ve been tired!
Sunday I was up at the crack of dawn… Ok about 6.00am then I went back to sleep lol

After staring at my wardrobe for what seemed like an eternity I finally decided on an outfit and was ready to leave the house to peek up my friends at 8.20 only 40 minutes later than I had told everyone that I would be leaving.

The plan was to get to Olympia beauty as soon as the doors opened, but unfortunately Mc Donald’s breakfasts, rain, traffic and parking prevented that from happening.

When we finally got there it was crazy busy with lights, music, and PEOPLE loads of them everywhere.

We decided the best thing to do was make out way to the press area and decided what we wanted to do from there.

Upon entry to the press entry we were gifted some lovely pink goodie bags and lead to the seating area where we helped ourselves to tea and biscuits and planned our day.

Filthy gorgeous were also in the press area giving complementary treatments so I went for a nail polish change in a lovely bluey grey colour which I cannot remember. Filthy Gorgeous is looking like a brand that I will have to keep my eye on as they had some of the most amazing nails colours, as well as lip-glosses, eye shadows and much more I’m sure.

While I waited for my nails to dry I had another cup of tea and they had a look around the stands.

I had wanted to go to OPI but there was so much activity happening around their stand I couldn’t work out where to pay, what colours were where so I gave it a miss.

I also had a chat with the Press manager from a brand called NYX Cosmetics which is another brand that I would like to keep an eye on.

I don’t know what this machine is called but that is FUNNY!!

Despite us having a good time we had to leave half way through as we also had tickets to London Fashion Weekend!!

Why did it start to rain as we were leaving L

Eventually we all managed to get back to the care and wit the heating turned up at full blast we made our way to Somerset House for London Fashion Weekend.

This was  my 1st time going to London Fashion Weekend in ages and the first thing I learned was bring more money lol!

As I had gone a bit crazy this month I told myself that if I saw something I really likes I could have it but I would try not to spend any money.

Well I saw many things that I felt I really needed to have.

In the end I settled on this T-shirt from Henry Holland

And this cotton scarf from Twenty8twelve

I must say that I liked the idea of hitting up two events on one day as is saved me from going into London twice, when I retired home I was TIRED!!

I didn’t get a chance to go through my goodie bags properly.

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Achica Luxury goods for affordable prices

The thing I like about sales is getting great items at cheap prices but I leaving the house and all the pushing around can be a pain.

During London Fashion Week I revived some info about Achica and decided to give it a little look see since Christmas is soon approaching.


Achica is a members only luxury lifestyle website which offers members access to private sales of luxury brands at stupidly low prices!

There are new offers 6 days a week featuring everything from kitchen utensils to high end holidays and prices start from as little as £5.

The only downside is once its gone its gone so you have to get in there quick, but doesn’t that a make your victory even more sweet?


I brought The Scottish Soapworks Lavender Pamper Set for my self as a “well done for surviving London Fashion Week gift”

The set includes:
Set includes:
1 x 140g Soap bar
1 x 100ml Bubble bath
1 x 30g Hand and body cream
1 x 15g Lip balm

and at £9.99 i don’t have to feel guilty about indulging myself.

Here are some of my fave products


Bell & Barker Shoe Bed £49.00
How cute is this?

Rowallan Kaleidoscope Holdall, Red £99.00 down from £165.00

Great for weekends away

Thumbs Up 80s Retro iPhone Case £8.49


Achica are currently offering new customers £10 off their 1st order if you use the link below.


Happy shopping

Art Of Blogging Prize Give Away

It’s been just over two years since I first started blogging and I fully appreciate having a creative outlet and also an excuse to put myself out there socially and professionally.
In the last two years I am happy to say that I have attended London Fashion Week catwalk shows (and even sat front row at a few)
Networked with many talented Bloggers, Photographers, Makeup artists from around the world
Met many stylish celebs
Been Papped at London fashion week by fellow bloggers and street style spotters

And many more adventures that I can’t think of right now but are documented within my blog
(So stop being lazy and read it)
I truly hope you guys enjoyed reading (Bad grammar /spelling mistakes and all) as I enjoyed writing it and continue to read it.
This prize give away is inspired by the Art Of Blogging

If you’re considering starting your own blog or have one already, I have selected this items to help you write some interesting reviews or inspire future posts.

Included in the Art Of Blogging prize draw is:
Hot Lips Temporary Tattoo –Gold
Vicious Lips Temporary Tattoo- Pink Polka Dots
J’a Doir –Dior- Perfume Sample
Lolita Lempicka Perfume Sample
Wildrosen Pfleyemich
Dermalogica Extra Firming Booster –Full Size
Davines Authentic Moisturising Balm –Full Size
Aveda Uruka Pigment- Taro-Full Size
IV Ever Night with Diamond Dust- Sample
Clarins Paris Extra Firming Body Lotion-Full Size
Eyeko Skinny Eyeliner –Blue –Full Size
Unique One All in One Spray Treatment- Sample
PhilipB Drop Dead Straightening Balm-Sample
Esprit Best Of Style Lip-gloss –Full Size
LCN Nail Polish –Full Size
Yardley London English Lavender- Full Size
Perfect Shots Camera Accessories Kit
Jolie Box Compact Mirror
KMS California Free Shape Hot Flex Spray

Marc Jacob Key Ring
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Wots Her Name Again? massive clearout sale @ Capitalcarboot

Winter is soon upon us and dispite having a spring clean out I find myself lost for space in my closets. 

What to do………………….



I will be going down to the Capitalcarboot in Pimlico London Sunday 30th September with Tagoes Closet


Pimlico Academy
Chichester Street entrance
Lupus Street, London, SW1V 3AT







Make up



You name it I need to get rid if it lol!

Everything is In really good conditon and most of the make up is new and unused!!

Everything must go!!

Follow Capital Carboots twitter page to get a secret password for free entry


London Fashion Week SS13 Day Three

Sunday sigh

After a nice lie in and a leisurely breakfast it was back to London for another day of fashion.


After missing my train (Don’t I always) I was finally on route to Somerset house. While going over my schedule I was happy to see that I only had one show to go to Ekaterina Kukhareva SS13 catwalk show at Vauxhall Fashion Scout . I also had arranged to go to the Fashion Monitor Style Lounge and then spend the rest of the day checking out the exhibitions  and taking pictures.

I really enjoyed the Ekaterina Kukhareva catwalk show, with what  interpreted as a kind of 60’s Valley Of The Dolls theme with big prints and bright colours. In a whole the collection was very girly and fun.


After the show I decided to grab a glass of champagne at the International Reception and check out the work of some of the designers.


After that I went down to the Rimmel Bloggers Suite to get my nails done and have a chat with the girls.


FYI they had the best smoked salmon sandwiched.


I am happy to announced that I managed to get one of their awesome goodie bags to give away on my blog!!


I am not going into the contents yet but all you have to do is check out the tweets o get an idea of how good they are!


What I will say is make sure you like my FB page and follow me on twitter because that is where I will be announcing the prize draw.




After chatting the ear of the makeup artists in the Rimmel lounge I then went to the Fashion Monitor Style Lounge.

The Fashion Monitor was really lovely, on offer were Manicures, Pedicures, eyelash extensions, massages, make over’s and hair styling


While there I was introduced to an amazing bag company and a Jewellery company who I will blog about in  separate posts once I do some more research.


I was also reintroduced to Upper Street which is an amazing shoe company which allows its customers to design their shoes from scratch.

I checked out there website a few years ago with the intention but can’t remember why I dint make a purchase. However many more styles and choices have been added to the site since then and they are currently in the process of launching a iPad app which will hopefully launch in October.

Unfortunately my friend that I was with lost her phone so we ran up to report it stolen and arrange for a new one which ended up being a bit of a process but reminded me to enquire about the Iphone 5 with my mobile phone service provider.

After that we decided to call it a day and do home.

Oh MY!! Nearly forgot to mention what was in my Fashion Monitor Goodie bag...........................................


If you follow my blog you will know that I already subscribe to and love Glossybox, This box was a London Fashion Week themed box and the design is different.


London Fashion Week SS13 Glossybox review to come soon promise.

London Fashion Week SS13 Day Two Part Deuxe

While putting my phone on charge in the Press Lounge we decided to go and visit the Rimmel London’s exclusive Blogging suite.
I was meant to visit the suite last season but with all the running up and down I was doing it totally slipped my mind.

But today I was determined and ended up being so glad that I went.

The suite was held in a swank hotel and there were Makeup artists, and nail artist on hand offering beauty treatments.
Sherry's Nails

There was also lovely food and champagne and the most exciting part....
Goodie Bags!!

As I had a bit of time between shows I had a bite to eat, had my make up touched up and chatted with the make-up artists and some other bloggers.
Classy lol
I to say that I was so impressed with the Rimmel goodie bags but came to the realization that along with the products I received from MAC storing them would be a madness and realistic action would have to be taken.

As my next show was at the Vauxhall Fashion Scout in Covent Garden I decided deviate from my entourage and make a quick detour to MUJU to get this Kardashians style Acrylic Box with 2 Drawers and Flip-Top Lid
(I have wanted this for AGES!!)

I also picked up a cup thingy for my eye pencils.

I also quickly popped my head in to the Russell and Bromley to say hi and use the loos before legging it to VFS to try and catch my show.

Unfortunately time was not on my side so I went to a local cafe for a spot of tea while I waited for my friends to come out.
Waiting for my friends to some out and play with me

Of course when they came out they told me how great the show was.

Oh well my all my cosmetics are going to be looking good in my new acrylic boxes tonight.

Looking good but I still need more storage...Haven't even unpacked my new products yet!