27 July 2012

Pay Day Primark Haul

Pay day woop woop

After being coped up in a sweltering office all day I thought it would be nice to take advantage of Thursdays late night shopping and stretch my legs

With my spending budget clearly defined in my head but quickly exceeded I came home very happy with my purchases.

Knit blazers/biker  Cream& Black

I love these Jackets because they remind me of those channel wearing ladies who lunch like Maryann Thorpe from Cybil

but with a hard biker edge.

Due to poor lighting my pics are really not doing them justice, The knitted fabric has gold string woven into it giving it a high end feel  and the contrasting metal zips give it that biker feel As does the faux leather collar on the black jacket. .

There are no front fastening but do cool people really zip up there blazers/biker jackets?

I love the print and colours on these shorts,

I have wanted a tribal print bodycon min for the longest time and now I have one!!

I always have the worst time when buying long skirts or maxi dresses because they are always too short. I was uber happy to find this little number which touches the floor when I wear it (this never happens)

Love the festive boat design and string straps.

In the UK we are currently having a bit of a heat wave and due to it happening so late in the summer most of the little summer frocks are on sale.

As I will be going on a beach holiday in November I exceptionally pleased since I can simply chuck them in my case to wear on holiday once the weather starts misbehaving again.

I’m sure we have worked out that my fave colour is pink and I thought this little number was adorable! I’m actually wearing it today,

Then there are these two cute little sundresses

Did anyone else hit up the Primark sales??


July Glossybox Festival Glam

Finally My Glossybox arrived !

Not late I just couldn’t wait to get it.

Again despite promising myself that I wouldn’t the spoiler blogs called out to me and I then set up myself up for disappointment as

Some of the boxes had HD Eyebrows in it and sadly it wasn’t in by box sob!


Anyway despite suffering from horrific hay fever and find the idea of standing in a field or park all-day insufferable, oh ad don’t get me started on the portaloos!

I liked this month’s box has a Festival theme

“These festival beauty essentials will get you festival glam in an instant”

In this month’s box I received:

Bex London –Londoner Urban Fragrance

Paul Mitchel –Awapuhi Moisture Mist- According to my colleagues this is really good! I think I will wait till I go on holiday to test it as my skin gets really dry on the plain, and since it can be used on hair also its one less product to pack in my hand luggage!

Monu –Night renewal Complex – Never thought of using specialised night creams but since I’m nearing the big 3-0 I’m not opposed to giving it a try. I dose smell very nice.

Jelly Pon Pong Cosmetics – This lip-gloss has a lovely bubble gum smell and it’s a very fun pink colour, only criticism is that the opening is quite wide and if you squeeze too hard loads comes out.

Nuxe- Huile Prodigieuse- I am looking forward to trying out this dry oil – Fingers crossed it will help in my fight against oily skin- It can be used on hair also

Oh yeah there was  Bonus product this month!

Elizabeth Ardens Visable Diffrence Skin Balancing line
Not overly excited about this product but I'm always happy for a bonus prouct

15 July 2012

Travel Chic Goodie Bag Give Away

I can’t believe its July already!
Here in the UK we’ve been getting nothing but rain with a few sunny yet overcast days thrown in for good measure
I’m openly envious of the people that are going on holiday over the next few days because the way it’s looking I won’t see proper sun until I go to Cancun in November!!

Last week I entered a random prize draw and won tickets to Internet Retailing’s  first ever ecommerce Birthday Party Awards event which is being held at London’s Cannon Street Roof Gardens. 

Wots my point?

Give aways, prize draws and getting stuff for free is fun!!!

As a way to show my appreciation to all of you out there that have followed my blog, twitter and Facebook pages, left me a lovely comment or simply taken the time to read this post

I am hosting a Give away for a goodie bag full of goodies with a Travel Chic Twist

The Travel Chic Goodie Bag includes the following travel sized treats:

Let’s Go Luggage scales
Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant sample
Dermalogica Cleansing Gel Sample
W7 Cracked Nail Polish in Red
Esprit Best of Style Lip-gloss
Batiste Dry Shampoo
Bella pierre Cosmetic Mascara in Black
Dermalogica Multivitamin Power Firm Sample
Topic Skin Revive
MAC Cosmetic Satin Eye shadow in Brule
Glossybox mirror
Rimmel London Nail Polish in Tangerine Queen
Heart Bubbles
INKIA -Green eyeliner
Monuspa Enriched Body Lotion
Paul Mitchell Express Style Round Top Curl Definer
Compact Rain Mac
Body Clean by Steven Wolf – Body Massage Soap
Fam Di Fendi –Eau De Toilette Sample


Please fill out the rafflecopter form below; the only mandatory requirement is that you leave your email address in the form below, if you’d like more chances to win there are a handful of other entries you can earn, as seen below. If you have any questions feel free to leave a comment or email me wotshernameagain@gmail.com

- It is open WORLDWIDE.
- Any age can enter however if you are under 18 make sure you get your parent’s permission.
- Giveaway will run until 20/08/12
- I will pick the winner through random.org; winner will have 48 hours to respond to my email, if winner does not respond I will randomly select another winner.

(There will be 1 winner 19 Prizes)
Let’s Go Luggage scales
Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant sample
Dermalogica Cleansing Gel Sample
W7 Cracked Nail Polish in Red
Esprit Best of Style Lip-gloss
Batiste Dry Shampoo
Bella Pierre Cosmetic Mascara in Black
Dermalogica Multivitamin Power Firm
Topic Skin Revive
MAC Cosmetic Satin Eye shadow in Brule
Glossybox mirror
Rimmel London Nail Polish in Tangerine Queen
Heart Bubbles
INKIA -Green eyeliner
Monuspa Enriched Body Lotion
Paul Mitchell Express Style Round Top Curl Definer
Compact Rain Mac
Body Clean by Steven Wolf – Body Massage Soap
Fam Di Fendi –Eau De Toilette Sample
Please not all of the products included in the goodie bags are items that have either been purchased, received in a goodie bag, blagged by yours truly.
None of the product have been used but the some of the packaging may be slgtly damaged

Good Luck Everyone!

14 July 2012

Lush French Kiss Product Review

This week was a killer at work S-T-R-E-S-S-F-U-L

In a bid to shake things up my colleague and I decided to walk down into the local town centre at lunch instead of our normal routine of eating in the staff canteen.
Since had been working hard I decided to treat myself to a relaxing treat from Lush.
I love having long hot baths and pampering myself so Lush is like my Utopia with its lovely smelling, fizzing, exfoliating and bubbling treasures.
While deciding what to buy a sales assistant asked me if I needed any help to which I replied
“What’s good for stress”
I was then introduced to the French Kiss.
Image result for lush french kiss

French Kiss the name is almost poetic!
Decorated with a sprig of lavender this purple and white chocolate kiss shaped gem it the business!
I was advised that I could get up to four uses out the one mould.
You simply break off as much as you want to use and crumble it under a running tap for some luxury bubbly goodness.
 Of course went I overboard and used about half of it.
As I was so pleased with my purchase I decided to share the happiness and surprise my colleague with one also, and just as I was about to jump in the tub I saw a text from her thanking me for buying her the French Kiss and how much she loved it!
After soaking under a mounting of thick frothy bubbles in a hot bath came out feeling like a totally different person and even though it was the lavender scent that originally enticed to buy the French Kiss it’s the extra virgin coconut oil that is going to keep me coming back for more! 
It left my skin feeling skin silky smooth and absolutely amazing

13 July 2012

Walking Down Memory Road Considering New Creative Outlets

God bless me old mum
She still has lots of my old portfolios and work from when I was in university and college

Walk down memory lane with me peeps


Looking at my work beings back proud memories of working hard and staying up all night to meet deadlines  
There is more examples of my illustration, fashion design and styling work on my online portfolio http://www.wotshernameagain.com/
Must say I do miss doing all the creative research and experimenting with different  mediums.
For a while now I have been considering some kind of course in the evening such as Photography, Still life drawing or maybe even glass blowing (Could be fun)
 What creative outlets do you guys use in your spare time?

4 July 2012

Tagoe's Closet rewriting the shopping experience

Of late I have shunned the high street and shopping centres in favour of shopping online.
I know online shopping doesn’t appeal to every one but for me it gets the job done.
  I hate the whole waking up on a Saturday morning, and having to wrestle with other buyers,
beg sales annoyed assistants for help getting the right sizes and im then expected to part with my hard earned cash after receiving substandard customer service.

Oh no honey!!
Give me online any day, I can be in my bed with my laptop or secretly at my computer at work and wham bam I have what I want.

Next day delivery please.
This doesn’t count for my love of thrifting going to markets and boot sales however because I love seeking out hidden gems and there is always lots of interesting people to talk to.
When I received an invitation for Tagoe's closets

Blog anniversary and shopping event launch
 I thought that would be an interesting way to spend a Saturday afternoon and perhaps pick up some bits and pieces for work.
Held at Nineteen in Streatham I was greeted upon entry by the hostess Ms Sherry Tagoe with a glass of wine and offered a variety of nibbles from the lovely spread of goodies.

Then it was time to get down to serious business…… Shopping

I generally take a no prisoners attitude when shopping, Don’t look at me don’t talk to me I don’t play!

And snatching garments I want out of other shoppers mind and screaming “you snooze you lose bitches!!”  has often crossed my mind but I promise I have never done it .

In this instance I found the experience very calming and enjoyable (The wine may have helped) giving and receiving advice to other shoppers about which garments to select.

Once the shopping was over and people started to get tired we all sat down had drinks and had general chit chat for a while before saying out god byes and leaving with our goodies.

For infomation about Tagoes Closet and any upcoming events please check out the Tagoe's Closet Facebook page.
Or at the  the Weighting In Vain blog

Event images provided by Tagoes closet
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