2 January 2012

What a Bargin!! Primark Ankle Boots

I hadn’t been to Primark in fact I hadn’t really been on a proper shopping trip for a while however I have been seeking a pair of heeled ankle boots for some time and was actually lusting after the Dr Martin Heeled boots after I saw  Amelle Berrabah from the The Sugerbabes wearing a bright pink pair to an event.
I immediately jumped on line and found them on the Dr Martin website in black

 however I wasn’t sure if I was totally in love with the shape of the boots and my friends didn’t share my vision

Fendi also had a cute style out but they were slightly out of my price range at the time.

I digress while I was in Primark buying trinkets for my goddaughters sticking I came across theses funky boots in brown for only £11.90!!

I still had some doubts and I would have preferred black instead of the Brown and Olive green

that they had available in my size but I figured that for that price I really couldn’t go wrong and snapped up a brown pair.

After 1st wearing them I was really pleased these comfortable boots are just what my hard-working feet deserved!

I was kind of out of the habit of wearing heels on a daily bases but some insoles did the trick and I loved the way that I could wear the boots with skirts

or with skinny jeans or leggings tucked in for an

edgy look

or with long trousers for a smarter look.

I also liked the tread on the soles and the heels which will make it easier to walk in case we get snow (Yes I think about these things)

I also have been getting a lot of complements about the boots when I wore them which was great but when it comes to items from Primark I always say “If you like it but two!”

And the more complements I got the more determined I was to go back and get another pair. Fingers crossed they would have them left in my size.

Christmas eve o decoded to wake up early and brave the pre chrism as rush to grab a second pair for myself and also a pair form my friend Tilly as an Xmas present. Fingers crossed I approached the shoe but unfortunately they didn’t have any more in my size they did however have it in a dark cranberry red colour whoop whoop very pleased

After having a wonderful Christmas I woke up boxing day bright and early ready to hit the sales (Well not bright and early but it was before the afternoon) didn’t see much in the sales and I eventually ended up back in Primark where ended up in the shoe section and happened upon the boots in BLACK high gloss patent and they were in my size.

Love em?

Go cop a pair for yourself while stocks last

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