Twiggy's Frock Exchange

I was going through the posts on my old website blog which i am now taking down and I came across this old post re my apperance on Twiggy's Frock Exchange sigh.

I tied to get a copy of the episode but no joy :( However I did find this clip on Youtube if you look close enouth you can see my hair

Look out for me on Twiggy's Frock Exchange which is hosted by Twiggy (obviously), Lauren Laverne and Grazia magazine's Paula Reed.

The show will be aired on BBC2 in September.

It was a great day in which not only did I give 5 cherished garments to owners whom I know will love them as much as I did. I also picked up five (well maybe more) lovely pieces and got to meet some nice women in the process.

Tv time
You should get to see Paula Reed chucking away (Trinny and Susanna style) a leather 3/4 leather skirt my mum was concidering (the look on her face was priceless!)

she also turned her nose up to a black and silver sweater I picked up but we didnt mind because we both gots lots of lovely complments from her Twiggy and Lauren Laverne. I can probabley be seen losing out to an amazing vintage YSL Blazer and matching skirt DAMN !!!!

Lauren Lavern gave me an amazing blue jersey MARC JACOB dress!!!!!! which I received and modeled on camera!!!!!

I walked away from Twiggy’s Frock Exchange with:
3/4 Faux Fur coat
Black dress
Green waist coat
White Shirt dress
Vintage black handbag
And of course the MARC JACOBS DRESS (Pictures will be uploaded shotrly)

It was such amazing day that If you’re willing to swap 5 quality items from your wardrobe, and can be in Hammersmith, London, from 11.30 till 13th or Thursday 14th August I definatly recomend you go along,
For more info email or call Caroline Walsh or Anna Haysom on +44 (0) 20 7307 2746.

How to do Jet setter Chic what to wear/ pack in your hand luggage for a long haul flight

I'm happy to report that all of my pre-holiday research worked out perfectly, so thanks to every one for responding to my blog and also to Trinny & Susanna and Victoria Beckham for their in-flight style tips.

Now I feel it’s only fair I share my findings with you guys.

To recap:
I was meeting up with my hubby in NYC then going off to Vegas with him from there. I wanted to make sure that I looked effortlessly chic and fresh when I got off the plane as I hadn't seen him in months,

This is hard to do when you’re stuck in a tiny space for hours on end.

One of my other problems is that I tend to get very cold on flights but hate to be constricted by clothing.

My flight day outfit consisted of:
Thigh length V-neck sweater
Leopard print vest top
skinny jeans
Black leggings
Flat knee high boots
Light wraparound jacket

In my carry bag on I managed to pack
Slanket or Snuggy
Facial wipes
Mini hand sanitizer
Travel size Vaseline
Tooth brush with travel case
Travel tooth paste
Travel mouth wash
Travel container with my favourite moisturiser (E45)
Small travel container with hair gel
Small travel container with hair grease
Ipod touch
Nose cancelling earphones
Mac lip gloss
Mac concealer
Mac powder
Wide tooth comb
Hair brush
Passport/ passport holder.
Vest top
Travel sized deodorant
Small bottle of perfume

What are your must have items when you travel?