25 November 2010

Wots the cost of a junk in the trunk and is it worth it?

Black men in particular have always been in to Big butts you just have to check out any rap video to prove that point .

Bootylisous celebs such as Beyonce, Kim KardashianLola Monroe and now Nicki Minaj gracing our TV screens, magazines a the fashion for an out-there derrière is everywhere prompting a market for booty enhancers such as Butt pads, Silicon implants and injections to help the females with hopelessly Anglo-Saxon (flat) behinds who are unable to obtain this new image of body perfection.

Unfortunately the option of surgical assistance to achieve the perfect bubble doesn't come cheep with the price of implants starting at £3,000. Butt Injections can be cheaper depending on weather you opt for silicon or fat from your own body however the regular maintenance s required which is also quite costly.

Disgusted but not suprised
to hear that New Jersey Model Anivia Cruz-Dilworth, 28 was arrested for for practicing medicine without a license; resulting in six women having to the hospital, after being injected with a what she called a "hydro-gel," a jelly-like substance which is supposed to enhance the buttock. Instead, she injected her clients with a silicone sealant, the very same material used to caulk bathtubs. The injection sites were also sealed with Krazy Glue!!
Police feel that it is possible that more women have been effected but have kept it to them selves do to embarrassment since only 3 of the six women since refused to corporate with the police resulting in Anivia Cruz-Dilworth only been charged with three counts of unlicensed practice of medicine which each carries up to five years in prison.
Its strongly recommended that any one considering any type of cosmetic surgery should do it safely and intelligently in only the hands of a licensed medical professional.

What are your thoughts?

Ladies do you feel the pressure to have a big ole ghetto booty and guys how important is junk in the trunk to you??


23 November 2010

Cold Kisses With Frost Bite Blue Lipstick

Recently featured on the catwalks at Canda fashion week

and on the lips of uber trendy celebs such as KE$HA

Lola Monroe,

Amber Rose


Tokyo Diva

Frost bite blue lips could well be next big thing to see us through the winter.


Not for this faint at heart as this look is will definatly turn heads and attract attention so i would say this colour is for the loud, daring, and bold ladies only.

Personally loving the idea of Blue lips with dark somkey eyes and long lashes for a crazy night of partying /clubbing for an edgey avant garde look..................

but dont know if I'm brave enouth to try it.

MAC had a great lipstick called Blast O Blue from their C-Shock collection

however it was a limited editon and is nolonger avaliable in their store or online however its definatly worth trying ebay.

Spacenk has the
No She Didn't opaque blue lipstick which is also quite cool

What are your thoughts????


22 November 2010

Rock pink lips like a Harajuku Barbie

The Harajuku Barbie Nicki Minaj has collaborated with MAC Cosmetics to create a limited
edition Lipstick shade called Pink Friday 4 Lipstick, inspired by the sassy rap
superstars debut album, "Pink Friday"

The candy pink lipstick goes on sale at MAC's website, maccosmetics.com,
This Black Friday, November 26th but it will only be available online for the
next four weeks.

The shade has been described as a shockingly hot candy pink in a satin finish

I’ve always been a bit of a Barbie girl with a Pink fetish but I have been a bit afraid to rock the Pink Lips however I do like the way pink lips look with dark skin.
Maybe I will try it out.
You can get the limited edition Pink Friday 4 Lipstick at Selfridges and M*A*C
Online as of this Friday.

Check out the lipsticks debut on the Wendy Williams Show


16 November 2010

Another Mans Treasure

This weekend packed up my car Picked up Ms Tagoe and headed down to the Capital car boot site at Pimlico Academy offers both indoor and outdoor stalls in a bid to get rid of some of my clutter as well as some items were not selling in my eBay store.
I had been to Capital car boot and enjoy talking to and watching the different types of people that attend, having a good rummage for bargains at the other stalls and of course making a bit of money is always a good incentive.

Unfortunately due to the miserable weather it was not as busy as it has recently but there was a lot sellers with some cool items which lead to me breaking my “Don’t spend any money” rule picking up the following beauties for a steal.

Vero Moda Black Fun Fringe Mini Dress Size M

Knitted TU dress with gold buttons
Bold Print Halter Neck Wrap around Dress One Size
Ecote Blue Silk Top Size L
Marc B Chelsea Quilted Chain Bag

Isabel Marant Peach Coloured Cotton & Lace Top

Miss Tagoe also managed to stumble upon this banging Grey suede and Leather Trent Boots
The Bold Print Halter Neck Wrap Around Dress One Size the Ecote Blue Silk Top Size L are currently available for purchase in my EBay store but unfortunately the Marc B Chelsea Quilted Chain Bag and the Isabel Marant Peach Coloured Cotton & Lace Top have already been snapped up by some savvy Ebayers

2 November 2010

Polita’s Spring Summer 2011 beach collection

Summer is a long way away but..........

But Polita’s Spring Summer 2011 beach collections are well worth the wait!

I bumped Anna Paola (and she is lovely by the way) at London Fashion week and i fell in love with her collection.
Having spent many summers by the sea growing up in Greece designer Anna Paola, ‘Paolita’, understands the importance of finding a good balance between quality, design and sensitivity towards the female body in order to create a garment that will make women feel sexy and confident at a time when they are most exposed.
With the intent to create shapes that complement the figure, so that women can feel confident and beautiful expressing her innate appreciation of the different cultures, influences and styles that define and colour within her life
Anna has produced two collections for SS2011: the Floreana and Voyage collections.
The 'Voyage' collection is inspired by the explorers of the past, who set-off with their ships on trips of discovery, taking with them scientists, artists and astronomers to map and document new worlds. The nautical theme is manifested in the pale stripes and was given a vintage undertone.
In contrast, the 'Floreana' collection is named after one of the Galapagos islands. It combines exotic and colourful ethnic prints rendered in modern bright neon colours.
Both collections were recently showcased at London fashion week and are now available for purchase from ASOS


Fold up Ballerina Pumps?

1st noticed some roll up pumps in vending machines nightclubs, and while I think they are a good idea I dont think they are for me, if I arrive in heels I leave in heels. No matter how much my feet hurt I'm trying to preserve my sexy till I get to the car then I can cry all the way home lol.

I have since nicer verson of the shoes in shops that you can pop in your bag and bring to the club which I supose could be cool because you are then able to match the pumps with your outfitt, however I would hate to see the look on the bouncers face when he has to search through your rolled up ballet pumps to make sure your not sneeking something naughty in to the club.

While wandering around BNTM Live I happened upon these Limited editions Sex in the City and Disney pumps by Redfoot Shoes that I think are quite cool
Redfoot Shoes are special because they have a world-wide patented split sole which lets them fold perfectly in half, making them highly compactable and easy to store in even the smallest handbags.
Designed with heel battered feet in mind, they have puncture-proof and durable soles ideal for outside wear resulting in a comfy shoe that loves your feet, yet is super-strong and supportive enough to wear all day long.

Yes they are mega cute ane the idea is good but unfortunatly they not for me.

I have just I am uploading the Taylor zebra sample (worth £35)
I was given to my Wots Her Name Again ebay shop for a starting price of £5 and a buy now price of £15 why not snap your self up a bargin.

Become one of my followers and I will it out to you for free!!
Happy Bidding

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