29 July 2010

The perfect make up bag

Whether you are getting ready for work, a night out on the town or simply maintaining your look throughout the day it is important to keep your everyday beauty products in one place 
such as a makeup bag to save time and perhaps the linings of your hand bags

The great thing Make up bags is that they come in many different styles sizes and colors that would be perfect for your cosmetic transportation needs its best to keep in mind that you will only need enough for an occasional touch up throughout your day as opting for the smaller styles will make it easier to fit into various hand bags.

When choosing a colour it’s a good to consider who you could possibly whip your make out bag in front of, for example, a makeup bag with a loud pattern could look juvenile in front of your work collogues or the clear variety could expose beauty secrets that you may want to keep hidden.

Hygiene is also very important so a makeup bag that can be kept clean easily is paramount. Vinyl, PVC and clear plastic s are great because they can simply be wiped down in the event of an accidental spill. Washable fabrics are also fine as long as they are washed regularly.
The prices of makeup bags are not as expensive as other handbags or purses. However, the price points can range from £5.00 to £100.00 and higher depending on the style and the brand.
This cloth makes up bag is pretty and discreet and easily washable.
. This Sleek black nylon bag is great for everyday beauty essentials and Features interior pockets for small tools.

Lulu GunnessCameo print cosmetic bag £35
This glamorous laminated bag is the perfect size for your beauty must have and will fit into most hand bags.

Black Jewel Calf & Red Suede

This chic Jewel Calf Leather make up bag is both practical and a treat to own and use. The inside is lined with a red soft-suede which can be removed and washed. Tucked inside is a handy mirror framed in leather.

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