18 July 2018

Louis Vuitton Neverfull Bag Review

18 July 2018

As the last few months have been somewhat emotional and stressful (My manager called me out for using this as an excuse for my last few purchases which included my LV Key holder and my Car lol) so I wanted to treat myself again YOLO

13 July 2018

StylPro Expert Makeup Brush Cleaner and Dryer Review

13 July 2018
On route to attend Olympia Beauty last year one of my priorities was to purchase a StylPro Makeup Brush Cleaner and Dryer.
I had read previously read a load of the blog reviews about it and I was certain that I needed it my life.

17 June 2018

In love with the Louis Vuitton 6 Key Holder In Monogram Canvas

17 June 2018

I recently had to make a trip up to Selfridges in London to pick up some watches that I had previously taken in to be serviced so I roped my dad into going with and while we were there we decided to have a little browse around the department store.

13 June 2018

Virgin Pure T6 Water Bar Review

13 June 2018

Earlier this year while attending the Ideal Home Exhibition I was introduced to the Virgin T6 water bar and over three months in I think I can safely say that this is one of the best purchases that I have made this year. 

8 June 2018

Tribute to Sandra Weise-Blake aka Jeanie

8 June 2018

I never intended to write this blog post, however, I have been very mindful that the last post I wrote was in September/October and I needed to pull my finger out.

2 October 2017

Microcell Nail Repair….Try Me Kit Review

2 October 2017
Isn’t it amazing how a fresh coat of nail polish can change the way you feel about yourself?

7 September 2017

Staycation with Brighton Getaways

7 September 2017
After a somewhat stressful summer, a midweek short break to Brighton was defiantly needed
Initially planned as a boozy girls trip we decided at the last moment that we were not about that lift and instead chose to have a chilled staycation with the kids

4 September 2017

Tips For Stress-free Shopping Experiance

4 September 2017
In my youth I loved shopping and spending the day hitting the shops in the west end or at Bluewater was my idea of heaven.

Ahh the days when I had NO bills

28 August 2017

7 August 2017

Obby Makeup and Skincare Masterclass Review

7 August 2017

I have recently come acquainted with an amazing website called Obby which acts as a community

Curly Treats Festival 2017 Event Review

I had the pleasure of attending the Curly Treats Hair Festival at the ILEC Conference Centre this weekend.

Right Now I’m Loving…

Heres a few things I'm loving at the moment 

Early nights 
As I suffer from Lupus it feels like no amount of sleep is enough for me to feel properly rested however I have come to learn that it is the quality of sleep that matters. There is nothing like having an early dinner followed by a relaxing bath then going to bed. No TV, no iPad no phone just time to download after a crazy day before drifting off to sleep.

31 July 2017

What’s On My Summer Walking List?

31 July 2017
What the hell is a walking list?

 When I go on my lunchtime walks or use the treadmill at the gym I like to listen to books on tape (Well technically it’s a book on an iPhone app) as they keep my mind occupied and actually make me look forward to going exercising.

24 July 2017

Isn’t it time you made a budget?

24 July 2017
When it comes to managing my finances I’m no Martin Money saver but after getting in a bit of financial stickiness I pulled in my belt, organized my finances and  I was able to not only get Debt free but purchase my own property.
I wish I could say after that it was happy ever after but unfortunately, this is not a fairy tale. After living with my parents two years in I am still getting to grips with my extra outgoings but this is where a budget comes in handy because it makes you see what you are spending and what you have left over.
It may seem difficult and to figure out simple ways to save money and how to use your savings to pursue your financial goals but it doesn’t have to be.

23 July 2017

14 July 2017

Before I went natural I wish I knew...

14 July 2017

Looking back the past few years I can see a lot of changes in my life as well as my hair since I have gone natural, and while I have made loads of mistakes along the way, I treasure them for making me a wiser and savvier natural. There are a few things I wish I knew about earlier that could have made my journey less painful, so hopefully, insight from my experience will make your transition much easier.

13 September 2016

What’s so good about is Shea Butter?

13 September 2016

Shea butter is like a skin superfood that comes from the seeds of the fruit of the Shea (Karite) tree and naturally rich in vitamins A, E and F.

6 September 2016

Isn't It Time You Declutter Your Wardrobe?

6 September 2016
This is something I try to do on a regular basis but let’s face it it’s not the most exciting of household chores but there are some great benefits to taking on the task.

30 August 2016

How to make extra MONEY

30 August 2016

I don’t think I have ever heard anyone say that I have way too much money
and I rarely hear anyone say that they have enough money so  I’m guessing an injection of cash is always welcomed especially if you’re not exactly living the lifestyle you want to.
Here are some creative ways you can make more money.

24 August 2016

#MACTaraji MAC X Taraji P Henson Collaboration Coming Soon!

24 August 2016
As much as I love their products I have I had started to grow weary of some MACs collaborations.
I mean trolls.. really and the Simpsons collaboration was cute but really who wore it?

23 August 2016

9 Steps Towards A More PositiveYou

23 August 2016

Life isn’t easy, sometimes s##t happens and at times it can seem hard if not impossible to bounce back. Positive encouragement can come from anywhere friends, family even inspirational posts on Instagram but what do you personally do for yourself when you need an infusion of positivity and inspiration?
Whether you’re a natural optimist, we could all use positive thoughts throughout our day to lift our spirits and keep us going!

1. Get your body right Body health and mental health go hand in hand so looking after your physical well-being is paramount. Make sure you are eating right, exercising and also getting enough rest.

2. Spend time with your peeps Set aside time to spend loved ones and friends (clubbing doesn’t count). Too it’s easy to get caught up in work or the dramas of everyday life and carving out the extra time can seem impossible but I promise you it isn’t.

There is nothing better than being in the presence of those you love and love you back so sort it out! If a visit can’t be arranged then a call is just as good. I set aside one morning a week during my commute to work to call my grandmother on the phone which is lovely for both me and her because she gets to chat with her favorite granddaughter and I get to hear how proud she is of me J plus we never hang up without saying eye love you which is nice to hear before the start of a stressful work day.

3. Get a new perspective. If there is a specific problem or situation bringing you down, it can help to get advice from someone impartial - A fresh perspective helps you refocus on what’s important.
4. Exercise.  While the rewards of proper nutrition often take a while to come to the surface, exercise is instant gratification. When feeling down, getting up and being active may be far from your mind, but trust me it is always worth it. Even going on a walk or a quick jog will leave you feeling accomplished as well as improve your mood.

5. Keep it moving ….. Toward your goals. Many of us have goals that always get put off. These can be big or small i.e. pay off credit cards or even look for a new job, but if they’re important to you, you need to work toward them.
Next time you’re feeling down, try putting your energy into how you can achieve something that will take you a one step toward one of the goals you’ve had in the back of your mind. The progress will defiantly will inspire you to keep up the momentum.

6. Try something new! Being stick in a rut can suck .. so don’t get stuck in one.
It’s great to shake up your routine and experience new things weather it is going on holiday to a new destination or even trying out a different coffee or tea.

7. Treat yourself like the princess you are I’m not suggesting you go and empty your savings indulging you every whim but a little treat every never hurt right and will give you something to look forward to. Cheeky cocktail or a relaxing bubble bath is defiantly enough to raise my sprits half way through a stressful work day.

8. Reassess the energies you have around you have  someone around you that is constantly bringing you down, it’s fine to OK to take a break from them and branch out. It is important that you have positive personalities around you that encourage, inspire and nurture (And of course you should for the same for them).

9. Be thankful Awful things happen to good people everyday and no matter how bad or bleak your situation may seem I'm sure there is some one that would love to have your problems. Take the time to be count and be thankful for your blessings 

How do you boost your mood when all else fails?
Please comment below.

Love Life |Love Health | Love Beauty| Love Creativity 

Lee-Anne x 

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22 August 2016

Some Paint, Some Tape, Some Elbow Grease & A New Kitchen

22 August 2016
Happy Monday!

Right now I am tired, cranky and mourning my weekend but at the same time, I am super proud of myself because finally painted my kitchen cupboards and they look absolutely amazing!
I have wanted to give my Kitchen a makeover since I moved in last year but it seemed too time-consuming and expensive so I kept putting it off with the intention of saving to have a new kitchen installed, but let’s keep it real I didn’t save anything in my new kitchen fund.

Over the last few weeks I binged watch DIY videos on Youtube trying to find ways to get the job done quickly and effectively and but a lot of the processes involved taking off the cupboards cleaning them, sanding them down then using a primer waiting for it to dry, one or two coats of paint and you have to wait for that to dry between each layer and finally a top coat, let that dry, attach all of the handles to the doors and draws then rehang.

18 August 2016

Crochet Braids by Liora Jasmine Braiding #FanDayFriday

18 August 2016
As much as I loved rocking my afro I found myself stuck in a bit of a style rut, so when I was contacted by Liora Jasmine Braiding and asked if I wanted to try out their new line of pre-curled kanekalon hair for crochet braiding 

15 August 2016

JewelleryBox.co.uk Mystery Giveaway

15 August 2016
What is it about receiving jewellery that makes a girl happy?
Over the weekend I attended the Blogosphere Magazine tea party where I bumped in to the guys from JewelleryBox.co.uk who I i have to say always have the most magical and innovative displays at blogger events and the cutest packaging.
The JewelleryBox.co.uk guys gave all the bloggers beautify wrapped presies which I  thought  the urge to rip open so I can gift it to a lucky reader.

Which means I have absolutely no idea what’s inside!
But who doesn’t love surprises???
if you are familiar with JewelleryBox.co.uk you would know that they have some of the loveliest pieces!
And if you don’t I definitely recommend checking out them out!
 All of the items in their collection are really well made and an absolute bargain for the price and with so many different styles and products in, silver, gold and rose gold finishes you will defiantly be spoilt for choice .

All that I ask is that you follow my blog via:
or one of my social media channels
(Or all of them if you like?)  

Then leave me a comment below letting me know which one so I can check.
This will also let me know how to contact the winner

Good Luck!!

Have you bought anything from JewelleryBox.co.uk before?

This giveaway will run from Monday 15th August 2016 until the Sunday 21st August 2016.
And I am happy to whip the prizes worldwide

Winners will be randomly picked on the
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Diary of an imperfect mum

12 August 2016

2 August 2016

Advice for me in my 20s

2 August 2016

I don’t do regrets because I feel that I have learned from the mistakes in my life but if I had the opportunity to spit some game to my 20-year-old self here are some pearls of wisdom I would like to share.